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The characteristics of the magnetic ring inductance and action
Author: Ying Kang From: Date: 2017-02-17 Hitcounts:
Magnetic ring for you, believe a lot of people know, speaking of magnetic ring inductance, most of them shook his head, did not know, must have a lot of people don't know what is a magnetic ring inductance, also not many people have heard, the circular and such names, in fact, the circular inductance is what we call the anti-interference magnetic ring, and ferrite beads, or the clip type magnetic ring can, just call on different, but the features are the same, are all belong to the same kind of ferrite material.
Magnetic ring inductance main characteristic, is installed on all kinds of instruments and equipment, to prevent the occurrence of shielding failure, displays and display screen which disturbance signals are made by the outside world, invasion of reflected by the results, as long as where there is interference are installed the circular, won't appear these problems, also avoid the phenomenon of displays a blank screen or screen.
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