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Surplus teach you inductance power consumption and temperature rise calculation method
Author: Ying Kang From: Date: 2017-02-17 Hitcounts:
Filter inductance is normal work of switch power supply, will produce harmful high frequency noise, it can affect the connection to the same power line of electronic equipment like computers, instruments and motor control. Insert the power cord, and use a filter can eliminate this kind of interference between SMPS. A differential mode noise filter and a common mode noise filter can be in series or in many cases separately using common mode noise filter.
Inductance and power consumption calculation to calculate the temperature inductive power consumption need to clear the specific type of magnetic core and wire current density switching power supply transformer core is the use of soft magnetic materials under low magnetic field, it has high magnetic permeability, low coercive force, high resistivity. High magnetic permeability, when the number of turns in a coil, through small can have high magnetic induction intensity, excitation current coil can withstand higher applied voltage, so the output under a certain power requirements, can reduce the volume of core. Magnetic core low coercive force, magnetic hysteresis loop back area is small, the iron loss is small; High resistivity, the eddy current is small, small iron loss.


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